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Biomechatronics and Biomedical Engineering

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October 10th, 2008

bad_in_plaid @ 07:27 am: I just found this community
Anyone still actively participate?

I'm in a Biology/Chemistry program at a 2 year college, I plan to transfer to GA Tech under a collaborative agreement into their Biomedical Engineering program.

December 22nd, 2005

mnb123clowngirl @ 11:35 pm: Ok. Advertising time!
title or description

It's for broadening your vocabulary!!! -oh- and broadening others.
Do you obsess over your pronunciation and spelling?
Are you insane about etymology?
Do you carry your thesaurus around with you wherever you go?!

If you're a serious fan of the English language, then this is the place for YOU!

You can post definitions and etymology and similies as often as you like, and receive these useful things on your friends list as well!

Come join the vocab_place! It's simply an amazing experience!!!

-*Cheesy* Do I sound convincing?
If advertising isn't allowed totally delete this, and sorry in advance if my suspicions are correct!

July 30th, 2005

medicmandieemt @ 05:29 pm: Im selling a super informative book that I used last year in my zoology class....actually the prof only had us read one excerpt which was disappointing cause I read the rest on my own (pleasure reading I know!) but anyways its good for inciting biology related debates and in class, an excellent source for research papers!

1. Name of textbook-The Nature of Life-Readings in Biology
2. Student or Instructor's book? student
3. Author(s) forward by Lynn Margulis and Dorian Sagan (its a compilation of bio essays)
4. Publisher Great Books Foundation
5. Edition n/a
6. ISBN # 1-880323-86-9
7. Condition of book new
8. Any supplimental materials (i.e., study guides, code cards, MyLab, CDs)n/a
9. Price I bought it for 80 but will sell it for 35 (price is negotiable)
10. Links to your auctions n/a

The cover of the book is green with a monkey on it.....

Any questions or offers please AIM me at doremimanda or email me at doremimanda@aol.com or comment here

June 23rd, 2005

pure_perception @ 12:34 am: Hey everyone, I'm new here. My name's Stanley and well, i just found this community. I was thinking about becoming a biomed engineer and i was hoping someone(s) could tell me what college courses i should take? should i go to s specific school for this? do i gota do something like .. be in an engineering program and THATS how i become one? or can i get a degree just by taking courses?

I have no idea???!?!
links, ideas, comments++++ would defly help me so much!
[im gona post in another community, so i hope no one minds if i get ideas from there too]


May 2nd, 2005

mise_cuchulainn @ 07:44 pm: Biomecha-what?
Welcome to Biomechatronics! This is just a test entry that will be deleted soon! Thanks.

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